The Fine Print


All flight operations are planned to adhere to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) rules and guidelines. Such rules include restrictions on both height and distance. For exemption of these restrictions applications must be made to the CAA at least 28 days in advance, and therefore project timeframes would have to allow for this.


All of our operations are covid compliant. Our activities primarily take place outdoors and can all be easily socially distanced. Our team will always comply with government guidelines according to the location of the site at the time of the operation. If you have any additional queries or concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our staff for further information.


Whilst we plan our operations in great detail, one of the elements we have no control over is the weather. Drones are affected by high winds and rain and it will be the final decision of the pilot on the day to determine whether the flight is feasible. As such, we recommend always having a back-up date booked in advance for a week later.


Travel from our base in Ealing, West London will be charged at 45p per mile. If the project requires an overnight stay this must be agreed in advance. Suitable accommodation will be sourced by our team and added to the overall cost of the project.

Airspace Restrictions

Drones are operated according to the same rules as other air users. As such restrictions on airspace must be checked in advance and may require additional permissions to be granted by the CAA and/or Air Traffic Control. Please ensure that a specific location is sent with your enquiry so that our team can assess your project and timeline accordingly.

Image Rights

We aim to capture the best possible footage on each and every operation that we undertake and as such we reserve the right to use any footage captured for the promotion of FireFlight Drone Ops. We will not publish footage specific to a project until it has been released by the client. If this is a problem, please discuss this with our team in advance.


With our background in the arts and entertainment we are more than happy to engage creatively with your shoot and to offer opinions on how best to capture the feel or atmosphere that you want. However, our chief responsibility is to ensure that the operation remains safe and legal and our pilot reserves the right to decline an instruction if they feel that it puts people or property at risk.


We will always provide quotes in writing and once it has been agreed with a date we ask for a 20% deposit in advance to secure the booking. Due to the nature of much of our filming taking place outdoors we endeavour to be as flexible as possible to account for the weather and ensure you get your project completed on time and on budget. If the operation is cancelled by the client at short notice due to no fault of FireFlight Drone Ops, the deposit may not be refunded. Full payment must be made within 14 days of invoicing after the operation or will be subject to additional fees. We want your project to succeed so will always work with you to reschedule if necessary.

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